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Learn Botanical Art Online

8 Week Terms (Ongoing through 2024)

Live on ZOOM - live painting demonstrations, class discussions and student feedback 

These classes are ideal for students with some botanical art experience looking to further their skills.

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Class 2 - Continuing My Journey

These classes are ideal for students with some Botanical Art experience looking for a challenge and to further their skill set
with project based learning. Class terms are ongoing.

TERM 1 2024

Thursdays 12pm - 2pm (AEDT)

1st February - 21st March 2024

8 Week Terms - $240.00 (AUD)

Materials List and Student Information

Click below for important information regarding the required materials list for 'Continuing My Journey' and class structure

on the ZOOM platform.

TERM 1 2024

Online Class 2 - Botanical Art - Intermediate Level

Time: Thursdays 12pm - 2pm (AEDT)

For international students, please click on this link to see if the time zone suits your part of the world.    (Time zones for international students)


Term Dates: 1st February - 21st March 2024


8 Week Terms - $240.00 (AUD)


Instructor's Name: David Reynolds


  1. Intermediate Online classes - presented by award winning Australian Botanical & Natural History artist - David Reynolds. These classes are ideal for students with some Botanical Art experience aiming to further their skill set and focus on our chosen subject. These classes will be project based and will be ongoing - allowing students to further artistic skills learnt and to continue into the following term.

  2. Class Environment - Students learn in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere with plenty of open discussion about watercolour techniques, colour theory, materials and how to use them. Practical demonstrations of each technique will be shown each week as we work through our subject. Students learn and practice techniques used to create accurate drawings and progress to a finished watercolour painting. Many of the techniques used in botanical art, like ‘wet on wet’ and ‘dry brushing’, will be carefully explained and demonstrated giving each student confidence in developing their painting and drawing skills.

  3. Term Outline - these classes are project based and students will work through step by step on our chosen subjects. Iconic Australian native plants like West Australian Eucalypts, Banksias, exotic flowering plants like Protea and Orchids as well as big blooming flowers are all great subjects for us to paint. As we progress, students will further develop skills in layering transparent and staining pigments, understand techniques in building high levels of detail, colour mixing methods all culminating in a stunning painting in watercolour.

    Class Components:
    Gaining a greater understanding of pigments
    Using opaque and transparent pigments

    Expanded Colour Theory Techniques
    Watercolour Techniques
    Colour Mixing Methods
    Advanced Composition Ideas

If you have any questions regarding this class, please email David on:

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